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Retired FBI agent Steve Moore, Law Enforcement Contributor on CNN was responsible for exposing the truth in the Amanda Knox murder case in Italy, which ultimately overturned her conviction. Steve is a crusader for truth and has taken an interest in Janny’s case. Utilizing the investigative techniques he learned at the FBI, Steve now heads up Moore Investigations International.

._00_janny5“I spend my time working to get released those people who do not belong in jail wherever they are in the world.  Before I get involved in a case I have to believe with all my heart that they are innocent.  In Janny’s case, I believe she is innocent of the charges against her. Yet, she is going to spend the rest of her life in a Vietnamese prison for something she didn’t do.

Drug dealers use innocent people to bring their drugs into and out of countries where they don’t want to risk death or life in prison. That’s what happened to Janny. She didn’t bring the drugs into Vietnam, and yet she was blamed for them being brought in. This is unfair and heartbreaking, and should not happen to a young woman who has tried so hard to live an honest life and is now being victimized by dishonest people.”

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