Recent Findings

Save Janny International Organization team members have recently received information from contacts of known reliability, who have knowledge of the situation. While SJIO has always favored discretion in negotiations, it is believed that now is the time to speak out.

Chanda, the Thai woman who tricked Janny into unwittingly transporting narcotics, was sentenced to death for her part in the scheme. However, as of this moment, Chanda is no longer imprisoned in Vietnam and her whereabouts are currently unknown. We are doing further research on this matter.

Chanda in court imageIt is a poorly kept secret that ‘escape’ was possible in Vietnamese prisons if the right amount of money is paid. However, in the last few years Vietnam has imposed severe penalties on anyone caught accepting bribes.

Apparently, the Thai prisoners were returned to Thailand where their sentences were carried out by Thailand. Chanda’s situation is not yet known to us.

Janny was arrested with Chanda because they were caught with the drugs in their possession. Janny was forced by Chanda to take the drugs to another location after a call was placed to Kiven in Guangzhou. She wanted to call the police when the drugs were discovered in the clothing samples, but Chanda made it quite clear that Janny would be harmed if she didn’t do as Kiven demanded. Janny had no prior knowledge of the drugs and believed she was hired to bring clothing samples back to China.

What can I do to help?

Why did Janny get a life sentence in this case while Chanda, who was known internationally as a trafficker, received the death penalty?

Janny's family image
Janny’s Family

Janny’s family is poor and spent everything they had on attorneys in China and Vietnam. Six months after the arrest, sentencing is required. Janny’s family asked if SJIO Founder Marc Curtis would accompany them to Vietnam for the hearing. Imagine a small courtroom with 5 judges, a court reporter, two lawyers, along with half a dozen supporters sitting on hardwood benches in the back of the room. One of those supporters was obviously not family. He was an American. Marc was in the courtroom.

The hearing was postponed, supposedly because one of the judges became very ill and was taken to the hospital. It turns out that this was as common as a cloudburst on a sunny tropical day. Imagine the conversation between the judges in their chamber: “American man travels to Vietnam to support this Chinese girl? He must have money.”

The situation in 2012 was different than it is today. Vietnam has cracked down on corruption and bribery. We know that the highest government officials in

Vietnam are aware of her case, as are officials in China and the United States. Now, it’s time for publicizing Janny’s story, not only for her but for the thousands of young females around the world who are tricked into taking a free trip and return with a package, unbeknown to them, of illegal drugs.  Many of them never return but spend or lose their lives in prison, while the actual trafficker goes free.

Your financial assistance will be greatly appreciated by Janny and her family to continue the legal battle. She doesn’t have the resources to prove her innocence. If you can help financially, please contact us.

Our team will be very active soon. It’s time to “Save Janny.”

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