Save Janny GoFundMe Campaign

A naive’ young Chinese woman on a business trip to Vietnam
is sentenced to life in prison for a crime she did not commit

October 2012. Two foreigners were arrested in Vietnam on charges of drug trafficking. Under Vietnamese law, smuggling 600-grams of heroin is punishable by death. One of those accused is my friend in China, “Janny.”  But she was falsely accused and is now serving life in prison in Hanoi.

At her trial she was not permitted to present evidence of her innocence. Immediately being pronounced guilty of the crime of drug trafficking, Janny cried out, “why won’t anyone believe me??”

Our team has personal knowledge of Janny, her naivety and perhaps excessive trust of everyone. She was offered a trip to Vietnam by a customer of her fashion business. Janny enjoyed seven days of tourism, followed by the nightmare of being arrested for a crime that landed her in prison for life.

Janny’s family lives an impoverished life in Guangzhou, China. They borrowed and spent everything they had on lawyers in China and Vietnam. Now, they seek our help.


Next…details about her arrest