Vietnam Stands Against Drug Trafficking

Modern-day Hanoi is a fast-paced, vibrant city, and has become a favorite travel destination for millions of tourists. For many years, drug trafficking has been a major problem and the Vietnam government has imposed strict laws with severe penalties for anyone caught smuggling drugs into or out of the country. However, serious investigation of facts is commonly ignored, and a person is considered guilty unless they can prove innocence.

Janny’s story is one such case. She had been sent to Vietnam by a customer of her fashion business to meet his assistant and bring some clothing samples back to China. Her customer turned out to be a major drug trafficker and along with his assistant, a Thai woman, they had employed Janny without her knowledge to smuggle nearly 3-kilograms of heroin back to China.

dea-logo-clrbgA call from the US Drug Enforcement Administration was made to Hanoi police. They had been tracking the Thai woman, knew where she would be and that she had a shipment coming. Hanoi police agreed to arrest the woman. Unfortunately, Janny was with her and the two women were arrested and tried on drug trafficking charges.

Janny’s statements to police and in court hearings were set aside with no attempt to perform the most basic search for the truth. In China, police waited 6 months to begin their investigation. When they searched her computer they found that communication with her “customer” lined up perfectly with the statements she made to police in Vietnam.

Janny and the Thai woman were convicted. Six months later they were sentenced. Janny received life in prison. The Thai woman was sentenced to death.

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