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No amnesty for prisoners ahead of National Day

There will be no amnesty for inmates ahead of National Day this year, the Directorate of Criminal Judgment Enforcement and Judicial Aids announced on Thursday.

It’s Very Easy to Die There’: How Prisoners Fare in Vietnam

Many officials in Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party support changes to the criminal justice system, said Pip Nicholson, a professor at Melbourne Law School in Australia who specializes in Vietnamese law. But party officials who advocate for Western-style rules, such as truly independent courts or the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, she added, are in the minority.

Vietnam Corruption Report

Corruption is widespread within the ranks of Vietnamese police and thus carries a high risk for businesses (HRR 2016). One-third of surveyed companies indicate that police officers expect gifts during meetings (VBF 2017). More than half of Vietnamese citizens consider most or all of the police to be corrupt (GCB 2017). Companies report that police services are unreliable in enforcing law and order (GCR 2016-2017). Over half of companies pay for private security (ES 2015). Provincial and local police forces have significant degrees of discretion in their activities (HRR 2016). Officers sometimes act with impunity (HRR 2016).

Death-row prisoners escape: 13 jail officers suspended

Viet Nam NewsHÀ NỘI — The Police General Department has suspended 13 jail officers for negligence that resulted in the escape of two death-row prisoners from a prison in Hà Nội last week.

Following the incident, the Ministry of Public Security ordered 13 officials, including the jail superintendent, correctional officers and guards of the T16 detention center in Hà Nội’s Thanh Oai District from where the prisoners escaped, to review their mistakes.


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